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HELD ON MAY 24, 2018


“I am the owner of a jewel! My bench partner at the Colegio Nacional from 60 years ago has sent me a treasure: Uma Biblioteca Vinária. I open the book daily and each time I find some new detail. It fills me with pride to have as a friend-brother someone capable of such a task! Congratulating him is little!"


Willy Garde

“Dear Juan Carlos;

First of all, happy new year and happy holidays, we have received your fantastic gift, we liked it very much, excellent catalog that we will keep with great affection and it will be useful to us. [...]”

A big hug for you and for Carolina.

Luis, Alicia and Belen Bardon.


“A very big thank you for your wonderful book!

Happy new year and best wishes for the new year.

All the best,"

 Rodolphe Chamonal

Good afternoon Claudio!

"[...] I wanted, in addition to wishing you a happy new year, to congratulate you on publishing the book by our mutual friend Juan Carlos.

It is a wonderful work from every point of view, and I imagine that you will have the same pride that we have to be part of this incredible project. I have no doubt that his passion for old books and book publishing helped Juan Carlos a lot to have the best collection of wine books in America, and I don't know if not, the best in the world!”

A big hug, and congratulations!

Gustavo Breitfeld

"Dear Juan Carlos,

Thank you very much for the end of the year gift. You have really done research work worthy of a specialist on the subject.”

A big hug

Alberto Stuhldreher

“Dear friend Juan Carlos,

I just received the precious gift from him. Wonderful book reflection of a great library but mainly of a great bibliophile. Bibliophile in the best sense of the word, who combines the pleasure of collecting books with the scholarly work of their study and dissemination. Today, people like you are as necessary as they are scarce!”

A hug and my best wishes for this new year. Health and books!

Albert Roqué

"Dear Juan Carlos,

This morning I received the book dedicated to the Vinària Library.

Proud to have been among the booksellers who "helped you make it happen".

Very nice, also the photographs of Renato Dutra, with unusual perspectives. [...] Many thanks, best wishes for health and serenity, also from Arturo. "


Umberto Pregliasco

“Dear Mr Juan Carlos Reppucci,

It was a pleasure to receive your visit in Lisbon.

I would like to thank you for the very kind offer of your beautiful book, which is undoubtedly unique in the world, through it you can see a true bibliophile, a species that today is on the verge of extinction.

The publication of a book with the complete catalog of your library (including the description of the collations of the books) would be a fundamental and unique contribution to the vinary bibliography, thus placing his name in the history of humanity.

If you do not feel like carrying out such a grandiose undertaking, I suggest that you (at least) publish a small addendum with the collations of the books described in this work.”

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Pedro Castro e Silva

"Dear friend:

A few days ago I received the book for which he makes us all part of his incredible library. Yesterday afternoon sitting in my reading chair I was enjoying it and at the same time punishing myself with the sin of envy since I would have liked all those copies to have passed through my hands. A true gift for the senses, the only thing missing was for the smell of ink to taste like wine.”

Wishing you the best for this new year, I cordially greet you,

Josep M. Farré

“This book is quite different from all those made and it shows on all the pages the hard work that you and all the people who worked on it have done and that is reflected in this copy that will undoubtedly become an invaluable incunabulum. .

We liked it enormously and we will surely share its presentation with our friends.

It is a tribute to what you do and what you do to the years accumulated in this wine theme and whose central idea is to be able to account for that something else left by the passing of the years.

One of its objectives was and will be to interrogate, stimulate wine scientific production, confront knowledge about these incunabula, and I think you succeeded. Congratulations again on this wonderful sourcebook, the best you have ever done.”

big hugs


“Dear Juan Carlos:

[…] Thank you very much for the beautiful book. I knew you had an important library of wine books, but what I saw, exceeded all my imagination. Both this last book, and the two previous ones that you gave me, will be inherited by someone who will also know how to appreciate them. […].”

Greetings and best wishes from Elena. A big hug, Constantino Geringer

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